Brothers of Freedom Crushed in Combined Reserve/Navy Operation


Caldari Navy forces, in concert with those of the Reserve, raided a Republic Security Services station in the Tannolen system on 1 September 109, capturing or killing most of the remaining members of the Brothers of Freedom terrorist group. Despite their efforts, however, Brothers of Freedom leader Melarius Torvil was able to escape into the Minmatar Republic, where he has apparently taken refuge from Caldari law.

Despite a large presence from the Star Fraction alliance in the target system of Tannolen -- an anarchist terrorist group which has clashed with the Reserve on several occasions -- the only resistance to the Navy operation encountered by the Reserve was from the Electus Matari paramilitary force. After successfully escorting a pair of Caldari Navy battleships to the station, the Reserve force jumped into Tierjiev and then returned shortly thereafter. Upon their return, a number of Reserve vessels were destroyed without provocation and without warning by a number of Electus Matari ships as they came through the gate.

However, shortly after the fleet reformed in Tannolen, Navy officers informed Reserve command staff that Melarius Torvil was not in fact on the station as had previously been reported -- Brothers of Freedom sympathizers on the station had been sending messages out in order to maintain the illusion while Torvil made his escape from the State into the Republic. The Reserve scrambled immediately, with a number of Reserve vessels immediately heading for Republic space, but by the time they arrived at Torvil's location some sixteen jumps away, the terrorist had managed to dock in a Republic station and remained there, seeking asylum from Republic authorities.

With no way to pursue Torvil onto the station legally, as he was out of Caldari jurisdiction, Reserve forces had little choice but to return to Caldari space. However, despite the failure to capture Torvil, the systematic dismantling of his organization that the Navy and the Reserve have engaged in over the last three months has made the Brothers of Freedom significantly weaker than they once were, and intelligence estimates now suggest that the Brothers of Freedom are unable to engage in their previous activities within the State and that their base of support among the Caldari populace seems to be consistently decreasing, both good indicators of success.

The unprovoked attack upon Reserve vessels by Electus Matari has caused a significant diplomatic incident between the Reserve and the Minmatar alliance, and hostilities look increasingly likely as a result of the action.