Reserve Begins Combat Operations Against Acheron Federation


The past week has seen two convoys of supplies brought from the Gallente Federation to the Brothers of Freedom terrorist group in the Kisogo system by the Federation paramilitary alliance the Acheron Federation, spearheaded by the Phoenix Wing corporation. Though Phoenix Wing and their allies have claimed that these supplies were "humanitarian relief" for "oppressed workers," intelligence gathered by Reserve officers has shown this for the blatant lie it is. Not only were these supplies going to an organization that seeks to destabilize the State from within, leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent Caldari, but the supplies contained in these convoys have been anything but humanitarian. Hidden amongst the food, medical supplies, and other innocuous items, have been electronics components, guidance systems, and other equipment used to build weapons and repair spacecraft -- tools the Brothers of Freedom can only use to spread their dangerous, misleading propaganda and violent uprising to other systems around the State.

These convoys are yet more evidence that the Brothers of Freedom are not the "voices of the oppressed worker" but agents of foreign interests seeking to cripple the State -- evidence that elements within the Federation are fueling the violence that now holds millions of our fellow Caldari hostage in a half-dozen star systems. This cannot be allowed to continue.

The Reserve has called upon the Acheron Federation to end these shipments and renounce the violent tactics of Melarius Torvil and his group of dangerous terrorists. They have not -- instead they have promised to continue these shipments as long as they are able. They have given the Reserve no choice but to use force in order to safeguard the borders of the Caldari State.

As a result, the Reserve general staff approved Operation Azure Quarantine on 5 July 109, authorizing the use of force against the Acheron Federation. During this operation, the Reserve will be attempting to seize or destroy any vessels attempting to deliver supplies to the Brothers of Freedom in order to deprive them of the resources necessary to escalate their current campaign of violence and disorder. To this end, Reserve patrols have already been established along many sections of the State-Federation border.

During this operation it will be neccessary to conduct offensive operations against Acheron Federation assets within the Gallente Federation. These raids will be conducted with the purpose of destroying the ability of the Acheron Federation to support the Brothers of Freedom logistically.

Current intelligence indicates that fighting will most likely be concentrated in the Caldari Border Zone constellation of the Citadel Region, but Reserve forces will be deployed to any area where the enemy conducts their operations.