Ceasefire Declared Between Reserve and Acheron Forces


For the past three weeks, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve has pursued a punitive campaign against the Acheron Federation in retaliation for their material support of the Brothers of Freedom. The fighting has been long and bloody, and both sides have lost many brave men and women and paid a terrible price. Throughout the fighting, the Reserve has maintained the position that this conflict could be brought to a peaceful settlement anytime the Acheron Federation agreed to see reason.

At 2130 today, the Reserve command staff was approached by FADM Thuul'Khalat, who wished to discuss the possibility of peace talks between the Reserve and the Acheron Federation, which we have now tentatively agreed to. The talks will be held in the Yulai system at a CONCORD station in order to provide a neutral field for both parties.

As a condition for accepting these talks, the Reserve has required that the forces of the Acheron Federation completely withdraw from Caldari space and do not enter the State under any circumstances. As a sign of goodwill, the Reserve shall do the same with regard to the Federation. Both sides will continue to monitor the border and any breach of these conditions will be considered grounds to resume combat operations.