CAIN expands operations into Pure Blind


In an effort to extend Caldari influence deeper into the uncivilized regions of space, rebuild resources, and build relationships with allied corporations and alliances in the area, FADM Van Cleef and the Reserve general staff have ordered Reserve assets moved into Pure Blind region. Staging out of Mordu's Legion controlled space, the Reserve will be conducting antipirate operations in coordination with allied forces under Mordu's Angels and other friendlies.

"The Caldari State has a history of good relations with the forces of Mordu's Legion," said Reserve spokeswoman, CAPT Svetlana Scarlet. "After the fighting of the last two months with the forces of Star Fraction and their assorted allies, we felt that a rebuilding and training period was in order. Our position in Pure Blind is not a permanent one, but it gives us an excellent opportunity for cross-training with local antipirate forces, as well as building our logistical chain after the recent conflict. With tensions escalating between the State and the Federation in the wake of the Federation's blatant provocation during the Kassigainen incident, fleet readiness is more important than ever for the Reserve."