CAIN leaves the Kimotoro Directive


For nearly six weeks, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve has been locked in battle with the Star Fraction on behalf of the Kimotoro Directive, first as a member, and then out of respect for those pilots in the Directive whom we held in high regard. The war was sometimes brutal, but its lessons have taught us much. We would like to thank our newer recruits in particular for their tireless service.

However, the Directive's leadership has made it clear throughout the last week's public communiques that they do not wish to continue having a working relationship with the Reserve. As a result, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve sees little point in continuing this fight to preserve the Directive as it stands. Therefore, as of 0216 EVT, 17 November YC108, the Reserve is withdrawing from the Mito conflict against the Star Fraction and has no further stake or involvement in the fighting.

This was not an easy decision, nor was it one we are particularly happy having to make. During our time in the Directive, we flew with many excellent pilots from all three Caldari corporations of the current alliance, pilots who followed the Reserve's philosophy of quiet competence. We wish them well and look forward to flying with them in the future, but we do not believe that the Directive's goals and ours coincide at this time.