Intaki System Liberated by Caldari Forces


At 1630 EVT today, State Protectorate forces, led by the Fourth District and supported by elements of the 22nd Black Rise and PERVS, crushed the last organized resistance by the Federal Defense Union in Intaki, paving the way for Caldari forces to secure the system. At last report, FDU troops are in retreat and State Protectorate forces are engaging in mop-up operations.

The Fourth District began Operation Liberation on 16 February in an effort to secure the Intaki system from both Federation interference and pirate predation. The Intaki people have long been allies of the Caldari State; three years ago, under the auspices of the Kimotoro Directive, the Reserve spent several months in the Placid region in an attempt to help the Intaki secure their home region. This operation was an extension of that one, and our hope is that it puts the Intaki one step closer to true self-determination.

Our intent was not to dominate the Intaki militarily but to establish security for their home regions and allow them to flourish on their own terms. Since Caldari independence from the Federation, we have watched as a corrupt government continued to force the Intaki to heel by making the Intaki dependent on Gallente assistance and leaving their systems open to pirate attack and criminal exploitation. With Federation control of Placid slowly slipping away, we hope that the Intaki will be able build a prosperous nation for themselves, without the Federation's taxation and out-of-control welfare state weighing them down.

The Fourth District looks forward to continued operations in support of local Intaki forces as the conflict with both the FDU and local criminal syndicates continues.