CAIN Begins Combat Operations Against Phoenix Wing


In a short press conference at Caldari Independent Navy Reserve headquarters in Isaziwa today, CAPT Svetlana Scarlet announced that the Reserve had filed a war declaration with CONCORD against Gallente paramilitary force Phoenix Wing in response to what she termed "Gallente interventionism" in the current conflict between the Amarr paramilitary Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and the Minmatar paramilitary Electus Matari.

"I do not have much time, so this will be brief, and I will only have time for a few questions," she stated. "The Reserve has been concerned with the current activity in Amarr space for several days now, specifically the intervention of the Gallente in the form of paramilitary Phoenix Wing. Their participation in what is clearly a regional conflict between the Amarr and Minmatar is a dangerous escalation that the Reserve does not feel it can allow to pass unhindered."

"Our objectives with Operation Smoldering Cinder are simple. We intend to interdict Gallente aid provided by Phoenix Wing to the Minmatar forces in this conflict by carrying out attacks against Phoenix Wing forces in the Federation, to cut their logistical chain and pull their forces from the Amarr-Minmatar conflict. We intend to continue those offensive operations until such time as Phoenix Wing can no longer provide that aid, or until they come to the table with acceptable terms for a ceasefire. We have no wish to destroy Phoenix Wing; their efforts against pirate forces in Placid and other regions of Gallente-claimed space have not gone unnoticed, and we applaud such actions. However, this Gallente interventionism in a matter that is not their concern is exactly what I was warning about in my address at the Caldari Prime Memorial on Saturday."

In response to a question asking if this was related to the war declaration by the Curatores Veritatis Alliance against the Minmatar aligned forces, CAPT Scarlet said that Reserve war plans "had been in the planning stages since Saturday, under the auspices of CAPT Teravada's intelligence division," and that the Reserve was unaware of CVA's plans until their public announcement only hours before. "And yes," she added, "we are aware that Phoenix Wing retracted their declaration against PIE some hours ago, but we believe they still intend to provide logistical aid to the Minmatar forces. When we are convinced they are no longer doing so, we still intend to cease hostilities."

There has been no official response from Phoenix Wing to this announcement at the time of this report.