Fourth District

The official logo of Fourth District
CAIN corporation is a founder of the The Fourth District Alliance [4th]. In accordance with eponymous Operation “Fourth District”, CAIN currently controls several military orbital stations in Providence region. Operating outside of State and within the jurisdiction of Amarr law, it allows CAIN to conduct activities that otherwise would be considered "unseemly" by the Liberal faction of the CEP. Those include running detention facilities, refining of toxic substances and advanced research on human subjects.

The Fortizar-class structure located in 3KB-J0 system contains in its inner core a supermax correctional facility. Its purpose is to hold high-value detainees that were deemed too dangerous to transfer to Mecacorp security forces, but not feasible for prosecution. The structure is also used to conduct enhanced interrogation techniques in an optimal setting. (Note that any rumours that facility houses infamous Melarius Torvil and his companions from the Brothers of Freedom terrorist organisation are completely unfounded).

A regular-security, industrial Tatara-class facility in 3D-CQU houses detainees designated for “conditional detention”, who, while awaiting adjudication, are engaged in useful labour activities, like industrial refinery of volatile and toxic materials, mined at several nearby moon mining camps.

In the immediate vicinity to the Tatara are Astrahus- and Raitaru-class structures, which are used to house an experimental cloning bay and research station, for conducting studies that may not be permitted in the State on ethical grounds.

Any reports of deaths, suicides and hunger strikes in CAIN-run facilities are without merit. As a matter of fact, prisoners who are cooperating with interrogators are rewarded with fresh protein delicacies.